PPWIZARD - HTML Preprocessor

PPWIZARD - HTML Preprocessor Version Free

HTML processor that supports many platforms & SQL importing

Should you find yourself with a need for a potent HTML processor and the urge to check out new options, you'd be best advised to try PWIZARD - HTML Preprocessor. First of all, this great tool is free to use. It's also quite powerful yet remains easy to use.
Upon mastering this professional tool, you'll find there's a number of intriguing things you'll be able to do with it. One of its abilities is being able to import SQL without difficulty. Its features are very useful for automated website development and for ensuring a consistent look and feel of different pages and websites while putting less effort into it.
It's also able to support complex macro commands and conditional compilation, support all Windows versions, OS2, Unix and DOS and support preprocessing virtually any text file type: rexx, ASP, etc.
So don’t waste any more time and get to work! We're sure you'll find this professional tool very effective in your work and that together you'll do amazing things!
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